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Voter Accounts

Vote Ranker is free for all US elections voters. There are two types of accounts for voters. Guest & Registered. Voters can navigate the site as a quest voter or advertiser-registration for a free voter account and be able to save, favorite, run issue compatibility & likability scores on candidates, and finally compare and rank them for voting. Vote Ranker educates voters on the available candidates running for office and help them discover which candidates in their constituency they agree with on a range of issues. Voters will be able to search elections and browse the candidates' profile pages to find out more about them. Voters will be able to rank the candidates by taking a political issues compatibility quiz. Vote Ranker allows you to compare your positions with those of the candidates.

Guest Voter

Guest Voters can navigate the website searching and reviewing candidate profiles but will not be able to save, favorite, rank or use the candidate compatibility tool.

Guest Voter Functions Include:

  • Search Elections
  • Search Candidates
  • View Candidate Profiles
  • View Polls
  • View Election News
  • View Live Election Results
  • Review US Government Political Process 101
  • Review History of US Political Parties

Registered Voter

Voters can advertiser-registration and join the site for free. They will be required to advertiser-registration and will be able to login and manage their private voter management account.

Registered Voter Functions Include:

  • Search & Save Elections
  • Search & Save Candidate Profiles
  • Favorite Candidates
  • Run Candidate Compatibility Quiz
  • Select Candidate Likability Score
  • Rank Candidates
  • Make Ballot Selections
  • Generate My Ballot
  • View Polls
  • View Election News
  • View Live Election Results
  • Learn about US Government and the Political Process
  • Learn about the History of US Political Parties